The system needs to recognize common numbers in computer land, like 1K, 512M, etc. They should probably be linked to the cardinal number. Like 1K -> 1024.

But then there is the problem of K having two meanings, the decimal 1,000 and the binary 1024.

K also needs to be linked (as the abbreviation) to Kilo.

Possible solution for Model Names in the old system would be to create a special Model Name class. That allows for all the funk like 512Ke.

Also on the old system I could go back and add separators to 'Name' objects. So that hyphens etc. can be handled. No separator could mean space so that existing 'Name' objects don't have to be modified.

It might be easier to always have a separator. Then when searching the separators can be skipped over, since there is always one there, so that "Hewlett Packard" matches "Hewlett-Packard". The count could remain the same (number of spellings) and the size computed as 2*n-1.

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