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Apps don't have a beginning or an end. They exist over power cycles and you turn them on and off.

Audio output is switched more like a receiver.

Source code is data for a "source_code" class. Should be able to have non-text as part of the source code (drawings, graphics, etc.). Need some kind of an object editor to create the source code.

Need some sort of access class that knows of your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Then you could share phots, videos, etc.

Sharing music is a question (or other copyrighted stuff). The artist or creator needs to eat too. It would be nice to just share it all. The artist would have a computer that stored his or her work. You could pay the artist for access. You would get a key from them and could play their music no matter where you got it from (take advantage of peer-to-peer). There could be different models, like one time play for some small amount, if you liked it you could upgrade to a permanent copy, or there could be a subscription to a certain artist and have access to all of their stuff. The artists could join/form groups where a person could go to get access to lots of stuff (ok that is iTunes).

License is part of the source code.

Editing an object creates a new version. So if I have an object on any machine, say a song, but it is misison some piece of information, like the composer. Someone who knew that information could fill it in (creating a new version of that object) and I could set it up so that I could get it back and examine it and supercede my object if I desired I wa??ed it. To prevent type of DoS attack it would just set a flag on the machine so I would have to pull it off the other machine.

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